James Lee

Truc Do

Web & Windows App Developer

About Me

I am an oriented C#, C++ program with five years of experiences developing, testing and maintaining enterprise software applications.

Designed and developed over 15 windows application using C#, MS.Access, and MS SQL. I have created several websites for a private firm using PHP and MySQL. Build five automation programs using Autoit and Access Database.

Latest Projects

Menu Design C#

Menu Design C#

Simple menu design with C#

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Data Manager

This is Data Manager for Patient Test results from a chemistry analyzer. This windows app was written in C# and SQLite. The basic function of the application:

- The application will need to import csv files that contain patient test results. This will either be done by manually selecting the file or from monitoring a user selected application folder.

- The patient information will then be parsed and saved to the applications database.

- The application will display the results along with analysis (either positive or negative depending on values, or other simple calculations/ratios)

- The user will then be able to review/append the test information

- The application will generate a PDF report for that patient record.

- The user will be able to search for past patient records to generate PDF report.

project name project name project name

Window Application Shopping Cart in Visual Studio 2017 C++

Product Page:

Allow the user to remove any product by clicking the delete button

When the user click + button, a product will add to their cart with information is the product name, quantity, price, and its total transaction must be displayed at the bottom of the shopping cart include date time, and who made this transaction.

The program will calculate your inventory automatically, and report it on the dashboard page

The program will show the notice if the product is low stock

Allow the user to print out the transaction

Allow the user to save the sale to the database

The user can search for a product by typing a product name on the search field.

Inventory page:

Allow the user to edit product information

Allow the user to add a new product. A product image is required to enter when adding a new product include the product name, quantity, price, and other information.

Dashboard page:

Only Admin can access to view this page

Use graph/chart to report daily, weekly, monthly, yearly sales

Report revenue daily, weekly, monthly, annual

Report top 10 product sales

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Shipping Report in Visual Studio 2013 C++

Allow the user select location to import raw data from Excel file

Allow the user to select what shipping method to perform data.

Allow the user to pick multiple shipping methods

The program will calculate how many ships per day to create a invoice

Allow the user to export completed data to excel file